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By roden2009
#197987 This is a great server having hourly crates daily vote crates weekly galaxy crates
legendary pokemon spawn every 20-30mins and you will know if it spawns near you since it says what biome in the chat
/rtp so theres no need to walk from the spawn
shops to buy blocks items etc poke items.
By OmgAri
#198011 I like this server because everyone is nice and has nice conversations with each other. They help each other out if you need help and have questions. Overall the community is very good. The server itself is excellent, no lag and ping drops. The legendary spawns are fair and pokemon spawn everywhere! The staff is great and help you asap when they get the chance. This is definitely an under rated server and should definitely have at least 50+ people on the server at all times!
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By ZBCheese
#198013 This server is absolutely amazing, I joined just today and I can say that I am amazed on how this server is setup, the server has there spawn rates high so you can easily find the Pokémon you love. This server is a small community so you can get to know everyone very well and It's very mature. If you want to find a great server to play on this server is definitely the one for you. I love Pixelmon Galaxy <333.
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By Lielos1
#198014 This server is quite lovely i find it to be most enjoyable. It use of player gyms and crate system really caught my eye and I think i'll be coming back to play on this server. I would recommend this to my friends players seem friendly and everything seems good i rate it 8/10!
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By eragon20103
#198040 Hey :)
well what can i say ... so far this server is great, people are friendly, spawn is good, I really like the chest reward system, and the increased rate of the legendarys is also really awesome.
For short, loving the server. I will keep playing on it. :)
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By Pippa
#198050 Great staff! Very friendly owner and you can tell he cares about his players and how things run. I'm crashing a bit at the moment but I'll be back on soon. I know I'll have good friends there :). I'm not worried about the free rank, let someone else have it, I'll be buying one for sure! This is a friendly, vibrant server with generosity of players (Dood I do wish you'd gotten that raikou! I feel so bad that you waited to let me get it!) and generosity of owner. Frequent spawning, legends often and that's really exciting. Nice work! See you soon! :-)