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By CJcool06
#197346 Server Information:



Current Pixelmon & Forge Versions:

Pixelmon 5.1.2:

Forge (Any 1.10.2 forge):


Hello Pokemon Trainers,
Welcome to Pixelmon Galaxy; a newly created Pixelmon server that has a growing community. We are constantly pushing out new features to further increase the enjoyment for players. Since we are a new server, you will be able to make your voice heard and add real contributions that will affect the future of the server!

What We Offer:

Battle Tower - See how high you can get in our custom made Battle Tower! Fight an NPC trainer on every level to the top for rewards along the way and a mega reward at the top!
Increased Legendary Spawns - Enjoy finding legendaries more often with increased spawn rates & lower spawn times!
Crates - Open Crates for epic rewards! Obtain keys from kits and voting!
Scavenger Hunt - We have unique scavenger hunt styled drop parties EVERY SATURDAY, where even the laggiest players can get items! :)
Events - Events to obtain rewards and show off your mightiest pokemon!
Gym Leaders - Want to battle a gym? Be prepared to battle a real person!
Towns - Claim your own area and invite friends!
Auctions - Auction a pokemon to other players on the server!
Lottery - Are you feeling lucky, punk? Well you may just win thousands of dollars by typing 1 command!
Voting - Obtain rewards from voting daily! Top voters get up to $15 to use on the store!
WonderTrade - Want to try your luck? Trade in a pokemon for a chance to get a random pokemon, including legendaries!
Friendly - Staff and Players are all just looking to have a fun time!

Click HERE to find out how to get a FREE donor rank!

Good Luck and Catch Em' All!
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By WhoNeedsNames
#197527 I just have to say, this server is amazing. The mechanics that operate it, and the owners that run it, go hand and hand, making this one of my favorite servers to play. It's always up so I never have to worry about not being able to join either. All in all, this server is truly amazing.
By FiggerNagg0t
#197541 I have been playing on the server for about a week now and I love it! Because it is a new server, its really cool being part of a growing community and watching it take shape! The Owners are constantly adding fun things to do and they have Treasure-Hunt drop parties every week!

If you are looking to help grow a new, friendly community come join!
By Bizeran
#197625 IGN:Bizeran
This server is the first time in a while I have really liked pixelmon. The commuity is friendly and the owner is active and involved enough to actually answer your questions and reply to your private messages. Staff (only 2 people as of rn) is very helpful. Some things I really like is that /rtp has no cooldown and the shop helps you out when u begin by selling pcs and healers. This is an overall good server and has a great community.
By Helatrix222
#197732 I love this server, I am able to play with my friends without worry of having our stuff taken or house destroyed. I also love how i can interact with the community and have fun without much lag. I really like this server because it is friendly to everyone and it is a lot better then any other Pixel-mon server i have been on.
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By CoolPandaMinato
#197740 Hello there! This is CoolPandaMinato here. Umm i thought about this for a long time and now i have decided to finally post this. So the reason why I personally like PixelMonGalaxy is because:

Friendly and helpful members ; when I joined the server i was fairly new to pixelmon as well I had only watched some videos on pixelmon and didn't know anything else. The members there helped me learn pixelmon and taught me how to play and here I am with over 6 legendaries now.
I wont mind if i don't get the rank all I want to say is a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you PixelmonGalaxy members. Without you I wouldn't be where I am. THANK YOU ALL!