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By LucidChase
#200077 Have been playing on this server for about a week now, and aside from the occasional lag I really enjoy playing on this server a lot. Pokemon spawns are plentiful, and the player community is friendly. Though my opinion may come from catching a shiny in the first 5 minutes of playing XD
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By BattleLord
#200099 Well, where should i begin?
First of all, i've been playing on this server for about 6 hours now and i REALLY LOVE IT!
From what i've seen, the staffs are GREAT! the community is really helpful and whenever i need help, they are always there to help.
What i love the most about this server is how big of an area(land area) you can claim! It's amazing. You can build whatever you desire.
Me? Well, i claimed a whole village;)

This server will keep growing, so why don't you come on and be apart of the community.
I promise you that you will love the server as much i do.

:-) _BattleLord_
By iiPrecise
#200119 This server is Great, it has a great community, great staff and it's very easy to ask a staff member or random players on the server for help. Very nice and welcoming community and above all the server is fun and and an enjoyment to be playing.
By Dizion
#200224 Hi there folks.I have been playing on PixelmonGalaxy for more than a week now and i have to say its a really good server.Its not Pay2win and that what i like about it it has some helpful plugins which will help u with your training.It also has contests which are very unique and bring a'lot to the server.You can also vote for the server and get points with which you can buy different Items like masterballs ect.Join the server now for a'lot of fun.
By Goldenwolf296
#200238 I'm really enjoying this server I love that I can play like i'm in vanilla pixelmon world but this time with other people. I'm loving the spawn rate for the legendaries its feels a little more frequent then some other servers, same with the pokemon spawns. The staff is pretty nice, all in all the server is really fun to play on you guys did a great job.
My minecraft name is Goldenwolf296
By driksbarreto
#200240 Pretty interesting server! I've been playing for a few days and it seems to be one of the best pixelmon servers out there, since they have a good moderator team and a decent economy on their server. This is the perfect pixelmon server for those who want to have a nice stay and also ge the feeling of accomplish.
By Jaxxl1e
#200242 This server is a lot of fun because of the features it has like a good shop and other good features but I also really enjoyed it with friends because you get 8k blocks of claim space which means you don't have to live in a crapy small house with your friends. It's also possible to craft rare candies! Most pixelmon servers I've ever played on didn't have the possibility to craft rare candies. On most of the servers, I've played on I couldn't give my friends who just started out any god Pokemon because I didn't have a trading machine but on this server, there's an awesome command (/pgift) which makes it possible to give your friend a Pokemon of your choice!! I would really recommend playing on this server with a lot of friends! I give this server an 8/10. I gave it an 8/10 because there is one big problem on the server because all the item drops the server gets annoying lag spikes.