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By guineapigz
#200276 the pixelmon galaxy server is byfar one of the best pixelmon servers i have encountered. The people are nice and trustworthy, the owners have a great sense of humor, the graphics and animations are awesome, and the spawn is nice. this server is one of the only servers my friend ,that recently moved away, plays, and helps keep our friendship from deteriorating.
By SafariSalamander
#200278 Now that unfortunately pixelmon has now been closed, I decided to leave my review of this server. One of my favorite servers was shut down since no one played on it, which is a shame, was nearly perfect. All the other servers are rubbish: they do not provide the experience, and their economy was inflated. This server was super fun. Has a balanced economy with fair rewards, and it mostly not pay to win.

My fun experience was abruptly stopped. I had a glitch on my account, which unfortunately got rid of one of my best Pokemon. Usually, if something similar happened on another server, they would shut you down, claiming that it is fake, no matter how much evidence. But I was able to jump from mod to helper, to eventually the owner, who helped me fix this issue in a very timely manner, and has helped bring my lost Pokemon back.

I may be a little older to be playing this game, but the experience was still enjoyable, and this is definitely one of my favorite mods, combined with a spectacular server, it brings you back to the old days when I played multiplayer on the Nintendo DS. I appreciate all the help, the staff did, and hope that they continue to keep their quality controll in check.

By GoldenZekrom
#200290 I've only just began playing, and I already see such a difference compared to other servers. The last one, for example, didn't spawn legendaries and didn't have pokemon naturally spawn. This server, on the other hand, isn't pay to win and has a great and kind community within it. When I just joined, I received a level 46 Scizor for no reason, just out of the kindness of their hearts. The staff are also very responsive and actually care abut the players. The entire server has a very pleasant vibe to it. I look forward to playing more. Thank you for reading this.
By FrostyZulu
#200325 I found this server when I was looking for something for me and my friends to play and quickly came to enjoy this server. There are plenty of pokemon, shinys do spawn and the community is great. Really have enjoyed played on this server for the past week or so, and I hope it continues to run even though the pixelmon mod itself is shut down.
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By MvKing
#200341 Im MvKing,
I like to play on this server a lot! I come everyday online to play on pixelmon.
When i play it is a lot fun with the friendly staff. so i why i posted this?
i realy wanna have that free trainer rank if i get it i will be happy for the server and i like to help other peaple! :-)
By schocmako84756
#200351 Hi there !
im schocmako84756 .
im playing this server every day when i can play
first i wanna say that i love this server and that it is Super Great for people who love
Pokémon like me .
i would love to have this rank it will make me soooo happy
that i wanna play always on this server

Tank u for reading this.
And i hope you will understand me

your fellow pokefan
Schocmako84756 :-)