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By KingBulleN
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Welcome to the Canbur Pixelmon server.
We on Canbur focus on a playable server with as few restrictions as possible. The only restrictions the server has is to reduce lag and/or griefing.
Our goal is to host a friendly, famlilysafe server with nice unique features to improve the gameplay for everyone.
With self developed addons and dedicated staff we hope to fulfill these goals.

We want to focus on how to create a long lasting experience.
The server has a progression-based gameplay where you can challange both player- and NPC gyms (WIP). Defeat gyms in order to earn HM's like fly in order to use that ability.

Enjoy your stay!

Kind regards,
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By KingBulleN
#197496 Added/fixed/Removed TL;DR 26 april:

Login optimizations
Increased FPS in spawn
4x Spawnrate and more Pokémons allowed in the world
/Home Added
Nations cost adjust
Server rules updated
Added our own votifierlistener

More details here:
By danteja23
#197600 This server is quite different from others I have played on. The donation system is very unique, instead of buying the exact product you buy points which you could save up if you wish or spend on whatever you want. The unique donation system and the overall atmosphere of the server gives it a good balanced blend of a fun, adventurous, and difficult server.
By RaDg3XxX
#197601 This server is very adventurous and the staff helps you quiet a lot. You can play with your friends and make your own faction. The donation system is very unique too and is easier to understand how to buy stuff. If you are looking for a server with a big map this is the right the right server for you. It has a friendly atmosphere as a server so what are you waiting on, join and enjoy the fun :-) :-) :-D ;-) !!!!!
By HaruX91
#197626 The Canbur server.
I've played 3 days now on this Server to write something about it,
so here we go.


+ Friendly and slowly growing Community
+ Big World to adventure and settle on
+ Problems / Issues get handled by the Staff ASAP
+ Anti-Grief Protection that needs you to be online to continue
+ Nations - Play with your friends!
+ Easy reachable NPC Shops at spawn
+ The Server gets improved every day


- Setting up the Nation and Claims can be a bit tricky for people unfamiliar with it

Overall, i had alot of fun the last days, and sure will have in the future.
I'm looking forward seeing you online. ;)
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By KingBulleN
#197665 We are now at version 5.0.4. Make sure to update your Pixelmon mod!

And TroyMC,
We do have a fee for rtp since its a bit recourceheavy on the server. We think its better with less lag, than non stop rtp. Hope you understand that decision! :)