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By Skullking210
#181021 Howdy,
if you wish to lend a hand in the development of the mod without needing the knowledge of scripting, modelling or animating; then my friend voice acting may be your lime light!

What do I mean?
We are currently seeking voice actors to help assist with the cries/voices of Pokemon in the mod (Both old and upcoming).

What are we looking for?
We are looking for users:
    whom have a mature voice

    Have a nice, clear microphone

    Have Skype

    and aren't afraid of a little criticism.

Sounds neat but how do I sign up?

Simply post a vocaroo link in response to this thread of your impression of a Pokemon and if you're selected, you will be contacted and allowed into our group.

Hope to hear from you,
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By Pippa
#182446 Hi Mr Masochism and Pixelmon team! I've been out of action for some time with heavy duties to attend to and haven't helped; but it's time I helped again. If you have specific need outside of models, which I'm keen to get back onto, let me know. I would like to help in any way I can; don't mind doing grunt work on any project :)
By kylacraft123
#182480 Hey, I've been a fan of pokemon ever since I was a child, so having the ability to contribute to this mod sounds fun to me. I have experience modeling and animating in minecraft, but I don't think I have as much skill as the other modelers. I also have exceptional experience in building in minecraft. However, I do think I can contribute to the mod in a different way: Voice Acting!

I do not know what vocaroo is, but I'd appreciate it if we could discuss things further via Skype: kylacraft123 .

-Kyla S.
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By SkyllixTheFox
#182493 Doing this for fun. If I am okay then cool. If not again, like in the recording, I did t for fun and since it seemed like a good opportunity.

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By RettoTheOtter
#182573 Hey! I'm a voice actor! I'm currently away from my microphone, but I'll post on vocaroo as soon as I can. Are there any Pokémon you want to hear in particular or am I free to choose?
By PoweRaven
#182598 I would like to help really much, but I am really shy to talk on recordings so if you would could call me on my skype I would be really happy.
Skype- whitepowerraven

I really wanna help :)