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By godlife7041
#167289 Hello everyone!

I must say I kind of got in over my head thinking I was just going to jump into making a server and being able to run it all by myself or at least understand it all myself.

The server is running Pixelmon 3.4 ATM because I am waiting for my Server host to add the New file for 3.5.1 which is what I want the server to be running atm.

I need a team of staff who are willing to work and help me grow the server into something great. I am not the most experienced of server owners but I intend to be, and need great staff and builders, as the world is completely fresh with not a single touch added yet.

So while I wait for them to add 3.5.1 I want to get the server spawn ready and all the plugins added and working. SO if anyone is interested in helping(please) let me know. Here is the server I.P

(200 slot server with ATM 6GB of memory)

Thanks in advance to anyone who wishes to be apart of something great.

By Firedawn21
#199097 Hello! My name is Firedawn, I can do anything you'd like me to do but I mostly build and stuff build all types of things from pixelart to just normal buildings! If you already have enough builders or not enough other staff I'll gladly help you with anything you need!