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By SlayzorXD
#191795 Hey! I don't really know how to respond without an application but anyways! I would be glad to help you out on your server. I would like to be an admin because I know a lot about how to be admin. Or a mod whichever is fine. The point is I have a lot of knowledge of server management and also on Pixelmon. I would be happy to join and take a formal app if possible.

- SlayzorXD
By SevenFangs
#193123 okay so i am highly interested. i would be willing to do any gig. but i get bored biulding rather fast lol. i prefer designing my own things. but i enjoy caring for a server whether it is as a simple helper or as a mod or even admin. i current moderate a pixelmon server. of course it is dying because the owner and admins never have time to be on to fix the issues that need fixing. i have experience running 2 servers of my own. as well as 2 modpacks that i created.
pm me if you want to know more.