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By OSRdeadly
#192349 OSRdeadly
I have played many pixelmon servers with friends also i was a mod on a factions and pixelmon server before
cant really tell if you email me i will respond and most likely come and help
eastern standerd
[email protected]
I have been a mod before.
By SevenFangs
#193122 my apologies. tbh these posts seem rather poor apps. i currently staff a server, sadly the owner doesnt have time so it will likely come down soon. it is a pixpack of course. however i am currently a moderator who has also been given biulder permissions such as w.e and creative. of course that is due to being the best builder that actually biulds. sadly my two recent spawn biulds were wiped by the owner on accident due to working on the server files and him not really knowing how to do it. i am looking for a active server but more so, a server that i can have a good time on. doing whatever i can. i hope to hear from ya. pm me or something if you want more info.

About me: i enjoy a fun server but i also believe that a server requires proper care to keep healthy and alive. there is a fine balance between and active, a popular, and a self sustaining server. that in order to keep a server alive. it takes time and effort to do so. i also believe that there is always opportunity to grow as a server. i prefer modded servers. i have made a few modpacks for technic. if you want to check them out. of course they are dead but still i keep them up. taintedsteam and GoWest are my two former servers. they never got active for logical reasons but still i have experience with such. i have been staff on mc servers off and on since 2013 so i have experience.