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By Miracles
#199695 ★ Pixelmon Legacy ★

Hello everyone, I am Miracles, some of you may know me as eSparkles. I have managed many different servers in the earlier version of Pixelmon in the past where it was still using version 3.4. Some of which got popular, such as HeartGold Pixelmon which garnered more than hundreds of players every day during peak hours. We're still early in development and it'll still take us around 2 more weeks before we can prepare for an official launch.

We have a budget of $1k to make the server, hence we believe the end result will be incredible.

Planned features of Pixelmon Legacy

★ One of our most important feature is that we do not promote P2W gameplay. There're many servers now that allows you to pay for pokemons, pokemons with perfect stats or other gameplay advantages that'll be unfair for non-paying players. Hence, we will not have any P2W aspects, all paying-players will have no unfair advantages on non-paying players. We will not sell pokemons, shiny pokemons or a way to change your EV/IVs.
★ Competitive style of gameplay.
- We believe that most pixelmon players are competitive players and having a competitive environment would make the gameplay much more rewarding and challenging.
★ Story-lined Gyms and Elite Fours.
- Our gyms and elite fours will follow the storyline of the original pokemon games. The difficulty level of these will be set at Normal.
★ Player Gyms and Elite Fours.
- We will also have another seperate set of Gyms and Elite Fours which will be roleplayed by real players. The difficulty level of these will be set at Hard.
★ Weekly/Monthly server-wide tournaments.
- We will host weekly/monthly server-wide tournaments which can host up till 64 players per tournament. Tournament can include several modes such as Team vs Team, Players vs Players, Guilds vs Guilds.
★ The server will be based on Survival mode.
★ Achievement Tags features.
- An example would be if you won your 1st tournament, you'll receive a tag on the website as well as ingame, stating [ChampionRed]YourName. Each tournament will have it's own name, hence making all tournament winners unique.
★ Reward Crates
- You'll be able to obtain keys throughout your travel through the gyms, or otherwise events. You'll be able to obtain special rewards through the keys.
★ Global Trade System.
★ Wondertrade.
★ Pokemon Trading Card Game.
★ Pixelmon Auctions.
★ Friends system.
★ Battle Frontier.
★ Monster Frontier.
★ We still have many features that's not mentioned here and we would love your suggestions!

We're currently looking for these positions.

★Beta Testers [0/30].
★Builders [0/5].
★Discord Chat Support [0/2].
★Support Staff [0/2] (Will slowly promote to Intern Moderators).

★ Application Format ★

Applying for:
Why should we choose you:
Proof of work:

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By azh2002ar
#199720 Name : azhar (username : azh2002ar)
Age : 14
Country : morocco
Timezon : UTC
Applying for : staff
Why should we choose you : i want to help to create a great server that players can enjoy in .
Proof of work : i can play pixelmon (actually i dont know what does that mean sorry) :/
By AsparugusLol
#199934 Name: William (IGN is AsparugusLol)
Age: 13
Country: 'Murica
Timezone: CST (Texas)
Applying for: A Mod spot (Eventually i want to work up Admin if possible), and a discord staff
Why should we choose you: I beleive you should chose me because i am a hard worker. I put lots of effort into servers such as this that look like they will have tons of potential, be loads of fun, and build a huge player base. Im really good with the Pixelmon Mod, as well as normal Pokemon. Im creative and can help come up with ideas for the server whenever needed.
Proof of work: I have worked on multiple servers, doing jobs of Mods, Admin, Helper, and Gym Leader.

Thanks for your time and consideration :) I would have sent this to you Via. Discord but the link expired ;-; Please PM me on Discord with results or if you want an interveiw at AsparugusLol#5156

By Psych0tic
#199981 Name: Psych0tic_

Age: 15 (16 in less than 3 weeks)

Timezone: Central

Applying for I would like to apply to be a beta tester more as a test of the server. If I like the server I plan on trying to move up in the ranks of your staff whether that means starting out at gym leader or whatever it may be.

Why we should choose you? I'm sure that you can find someone older than me, probably more experience as staff than me, but towards players of the server I am very helpful and very mature. I will also bring a very competitive edge to battling. I do have a past experience as staff for a server (yes I know I am applying for beta tester). I was an assistant and elite 4 member on pokeballers for multiple months and would have probably gotten higher in the staff if the server hadn't started slowly dying. I can't guarantee to be on 24/7 but with me you will get someone who is dedicated once they are interested in the server. Although I may not be able to play 24/7 with things like football and work I will still be able to be on a lot and probably will be when I am available.

Proof of Work: I assume what you are wanting here is picture proof of me being an assistant and elite 4 on pokeballers so below I will give a couple screenshots. Yes my old IGN was Psychotickid789, you can imagine why I wanted to change it.

Thanks for reading this, I was going to join your discord to discuss some things with you but it seems that I could not get on your discord. I hope that you accept me as a beta tester because I would love to check out this server and potentially prove that I could be a quality gym leader/helper/whatever staff you may have.
By GeckoCrafted
#200046 Name: Gecko
Age: 12
Country: UK
Timezone: GMT

Applying for:
Staff on the server + maybe discord.

Why should we choose you:
Because I want to help make a outstanding server and this could be the one!

Proof of work:
I have moderated discords and a few servers before (not so long ago)!
By Mysticaler
#200089 Name: Dylan (IGN: Mysticaler)

Age: 20

Country: Australia

Timezone: AEST (+10 UTC)

Applying for: Support Staff

Why should we choose you: I have had previous experience in terms of being a support staff (Working with players to resolve issues, handling gym leader applications, handling ban appeals and working with my old server owner to set up donation stores)

Proof of work: This was a few years ago so I've updated my computer since and have lost any/all proof. (hope this doesn't change your mind on considering me!