By Deo3560
#177944 Finally finished the redstone on my newest gym. It was hell and still not perfect, but here it is.

Exterior of Resort *OLD* | Show

Exterior of Resort *UPDATED* | Show

Interior of Resort | Show

Interior of Cavern/Gym Leader Location | Show

Alright I just added a bunch of Normal Sandstone. I am not sure how I feel about the look, but that is the best it is going to look with this change.

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By Deo3560
#178166 Really? The entire thing is made from Red Sandstone, Colored Clay, and Pokesand and the Gym Leader's room is surrounded by Stone and Cave Rock. In game, Rock type tends to be Brown while Ground is represented by a color closer to Orange. If you still think it needs to be touched up, I'll work on it some more though.
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By Amnail
#178279 Honestly looks like the gym would have Fire/Ground types. I could see it in the desert, but it really does have some fire type aspects to it. Hopefully there are some puzzles?
By Mostwanted123
#178309 Yeah it really needs more of a sandstone color scheme , , lighter textures with Coarse Dirt, Stone.

Or where the fire is, put Rhyperior statues.. since Rhyperior has this color scheme, then it would give of a "ground" gym vibe

-this doesn't really look like a "resort" just a gym lol...
By Deo3560
#178324 Alright, I added bunch of Normal Sandstone, not sure how I feel about the look, but that's the best it's going to look with this addition.

Amnail wrote:Hopefully there are some puzzles?

Not in this one, but the layout I tried to make really interesting. Once you reach the top of the gym there are some timed fall blocks you step on which will drop you down into the center of the gym where you face the gym leader.

Mostwanted123 wrote:-this doesn't really look like a "resort" just a gym lol...

It's just a name, you can call it whatever you want but I just wanted to give it some flair. Not to mention, in a golf resort, you have a golf course and amenities, a ski resort you have skiing and amenities, so why can't this be a Ground Gym resort, it has a cave deep inside and some gym amenities.
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By bvanseghi
#183100 Mind providing a gym leader skin and name, just so we can move development of gyms along faster?

Trainer and Gym Leader dialogue is optional, but helps speed up the process a lot.