Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
By darkitten
#191624 the website has a bug.. no matter how much i refresh it ~ it still says i can only download puzzelelmon 12.. i try refresshing it more and more but my moose button broken =(
By funnyguydude13
#191665 Im new around here, but not to pokemon or pixelmon. This looks great! Everything seems like its going according to your guys' plans. Just one question, maybe i haven't found it yet, but is there a deoxys in the pokedex at the moment or is that going to be in a future update?
By funnyguydude13
#191666 maybe i should have read the replies to this post and i would have seen that someone explained a small list of *cough*important*cough* pokemon, so i just answered my own question, this post can be deleted if the thread owner wants it to be, i'll leave it here to display my humility for a day or two (unless i forget lol)