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By sophiea06
#192588 I tried to get the new version however it wont let me use the launcher I had been using and with the normal minecraft launcher my game is too laggy and crashes everytime I try to move which didn't happen with the pixelmon launcher. please help.
By MysteryGate
#192662 Thanks for your support in advance! I have posted a support ticket as it was recommended here but I thought to also add a comment here as well in case. I have a question about why my install of version 5 lags and then computor freezes (no notice of install being incorrect jut this (BIG) lag and then computor freezing and i have to force quit. I sent all details in support ticket but in brief i am using a mac with operating system 10.8.5 and i used the forge 1.10.2-forge 1.10.2-
and then the mod 1.10.2-5.00-universal.jar also deleted the hocon as suggested so i did get the new pokemon showing but oculd not play the game. my son is desperate to play and i am running out of ideas now , , , , thanks for your help. someone else mentioned problem with mac so i don't know if this is related? or if I need a 10.9 + operating system as I downloaded the zip to link our account for a trainer hat and it said the 10.8.5 operating system was too old - maybe this is the problem? with thanks ;-)
By BranloOP
#192666 Somebody, not just anyone, but somebody. You need to help me. I have posted a support ticket but no answer, plus I need help stat! If myself or any of my family dies on the world they can't respawn. I need help. I am getting very unhappy. If I don't get an answer.. You will be seeing a very happy camper. :mad:
By ForrestITA
#192714 Uhm... I see that pokémons like Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, ... were approved a long time ago, and there is someone who obtained them in Minecraft, with Pixelmon Mod. Now.. Can I ask when these pokémons will be introduced in Pixelmon Mod?
Ty so much, and I apologize for my english.

(Maybe shouldn't I ask that question in this post?)