Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
By vitorrstwr
#192099 Guys, I have a question since some previous versions. I do not understand all the options of the mod settings and I believe that what I want is there. Whenever I open my world, after a while walking and exploring the world, Pokemon stop spawning around me. What do I have to do to keep them spawning normally? They will only spawn again if I close the world and open again. Is it a bug?

And one more time: Congratulations for Update! I really appreciated! ;-)
By vitorrstwr
#192118 In the mod settings, what exactly is the "spawn ticks" and "max pokemon spawns per tick"? How do I get around these two options to make my world spawn many Pokemon?

P.S .: I apologize for the above question about spawning Pokemon to stop with a time in my world, because maybe it has already been answered some other time and I do not know yet.