Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
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By TimteeTheGamer
AyeeItzFlip wrote:I love that photobombing Shiny Feraligatr, and the rest of the photo! :-D

Lol i just noticed the shiny when i had to look at the photo several times just to see a shiny blue (what looks like to be a legendary? in its shape at least) sitting down ontop of the front of the gym xD
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By SKy2008
Chuggy64 wrote:can i download it?

These are still work in progress. I'd assume they'll be in the next major update. That might still be a bit out though.
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By azh2002ar
#193731 nice pixelmon team :-D
By AssassinGuyHahaha
#193757 First that's maybe just a boss Second when are they going to add Mega Evolution so people don't try to find site that give you Mega Evolution Textures and Models
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By Tanguy99
#193802 The gym which is on the right ... it's remind me .... "old" beta 1 ? i'm i right ? :-D
Ps:I'm in hurry to see those gyms in game :)
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By SCaydi
#193840 Aww... at the end you didnt use mine...