Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
By Candlehead360
#196063 Great! I've been always wanting to mega evolve my charizard!
4 the next update, please add more pokemon from hoenn, sinnoh, unova, and kalos.
It keep crashing when I configure it when configure it for 1+GB of RAM, please fix that.
By youngnastyman
#196083 Having so much fun with the new update!

One question though, now that there is a limit to how many apricorn trees you can plant next to each other, how many blocks is the barrier?
By Skipkan
#196101 I really hope you will release a fixed version soon. I like the mod and it is an amazing update, but my server refuses to update to this version because of the bugs, and I understand it.

And the new boss drop system is great!
By KevinEleven
#196103 No se que pasa ya instale el pixelmon y no me aparece ningún pokemon aparte de mi inicial y cuando ago /pokespawn por favor solucionenlo :-( es mi mod preferido ayúdenme por favor :cry: