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By JonGhost
#196107 Hi, this update was awesome! I love all the new gyms and Mega Pokémon! I am curious why gyms only ever drop one set of loot though. I beat a gym and got the TM and Badge. Then my wife beats it and it says "0" next to each item and when she goes to "Take All", it says she got the items, but they aren't actually in her inventory. Is it a bug that the gym loot can only be claimed once even between different users?
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By ParanoeX
#196143 i made a new world and settled on a swamp next to some mountains.. on the very first day i saw Mega Chariard X! "nice, don't have pokeballs yet.. oh well, it was a nice sight!" i thought to myself, but that was only the beginning; the very next day i saw a normal Charizard and Mega Charizard Y at the same time! few days later and even a shiny Mega Charizard X spawned! aaaand i'm still just planting my apricorn trees! well, it came in and disappeared. now that i've been at that spot for several days and i'm seeing those Charizards constantly and i don't know if they are the same or not as they just seem to disappear sometimes; even that shiny Mega Charizard X pops in sometimes from nowhere and disappears moments later..
also, an odd thing i noticed was that i saw red in it's name; first i thought that it's a boss and not a shiny after all, but nope, it sparkles and the red text actually says Legendary! wow! ... wait what?

well anyways, TLDR: the spawn rates seem to be way too high! maybe i was just lucky to get those Charizards to spawn but in no way should they spawn so easily with mega stones! or i was again just lucky..
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By SKy2008
#196145 Wild Megas are always bosses. They are how you obtain the ability to mega evolve. -> http://pixelmonmod.com/wiki/index.php?t ... _Evolution

The spawn rates for mega bosses and Gen 1 starters are pretty high currently. That is probably so everyone can easily get their hands on megas and try them out. They will most likely return to normal/not as high with one of the future updates.
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By tridaak
#196146 http://pixelmonmod.com/wiki/index.php?t ... y/Upcoming

Boss charizard spawn rate being too high is already documented in the upcoming changes. Gonna be dropped to a lower amount in the future.

Although, dislike that they're gonna change bossSpawnRate to bossSpawnTicks, since that's how legendaries are handled, and if you've been on a server when there ain't much people, you can spawn a lot of legendaries pretty fast, and capture them all.
Do that for bosses and people who come on add odd times will have an unfair advantage as they'll be the only ones spawning bosses.
By Sineals
#196162 Please Help ME !!!

When i beat a Mega Evolution (Charizard X) with my Charizard, i don't have a mega ring !!!
This is not normal.

Can you help me please, i don't understand ! Thanks you ^^
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By Some Body
#196163 Likely your server needs to reset the external JSON files. Read the newspost.