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By Some Body
#196371 Hey there!

Pixelmon 5.0.3 is now available! This update addresses some major issues from 5.0.2.

For those of you who have triumphed over a boss Pokémon or a Gym Leader and received a big fat zero next to your hard-earned loot, you will be happy to know that this has been addressed. We've also (literally) patched some of the holes and missing body parts of some Pokémon, and given Butterfree its wings back. Mega Hula Hoops have been stored away for now, and Poké Mart spawning has returned.

Mega Evolved Boss Pokémon spawning has changed to be somewhat similar to Legendary Pokémon spawning, so the hordes of Mega Charizard flying everywhere are a thing of the past (unless you change the config). These Boss Pokémon have also learned to harness their inner powers to achieve more than just Tackle, so beware.

Have you ever tried to send your Pokémon out while you're riding, and the Poké Ball just bonks your Charizard/Staraptor/Lapras on the head? We've dealt with this concussion-causing practice, and you should find it easier to engage wild Pokémon while on a mount now.

Our voice actors have been working on some new Pokémon cries, and we've finally been able to add in their newest works. You'll notice over 50 different Pokémon now have something (many things, actually) new to say.

Oh yeah, a new pink blob and some remodeled pink blobs. Yay.

Remember, if you are using the Pixelmon launcher and already have Pixelmon 5.0.2 installed, you can download a patch file to update to Pixelmon 5.0.3 instead of downloading the entire Pixelmon jar file. This patch file is much smaller in size and will download much more quickly. If you've remained on 5.0.1, you can update straight to 5.0.3 as well with these patches!

Server owners: If you've been using our external database saving feature (or you've wanted to), you will find that Pokémon won't all become burned after being loaded. Also, if you're still on 5.0.1 and are looking to update, make sure to read the server owner note in the Pixelmon 5.0.2 newspost before you update.

Have fun!
-The Pixelmon Team

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By eva08maicy02
#196381 NPC can still produce game failures in 5.0.3 Traditional Chinese, and I estimate that these quantities are about half or more, and I think it might be necessary to check the file format for each file.
Photo 1
Photo 2

If you are willing to tell me how to convert the text to the correct file format, I can check all the traditional Chinese files by myself and then fix the text again.
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By azh2002ar
#196384 What do you mean with "bonks" ?and did u fix throwin pokemons when we ride our mounts pokemons? When you xill add gene 3 mega evolution?? Ihope my english is good (bad phone keyboard)
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By SKy2008
#196388 "the Poké Ball just bonks [your Pokémon] on the head" as in when you tried sending out Pokémon while riding the thrown Poké Ball would often hit your Pokémon and activate instead of flying to where you were aiming - usually a wild Pokémon or trainer - making it hard to chase flying bosses, Megas, etc. That's fixed now.
By Kingdomall
#196391 I believe the reason for "the pokeball bonks off the head of your flying pokemon" is because of the large hitboxes the flying pokemon have. I had to breed for a low IV micro pidgey just so it'd be easier to catch or engage battle with flying pokemon. I still had problems though, thank goodness this was fixed.
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By LucieTwi
#196400 The PokeMart problem was tackled, wasn't it? Because, when I use the command /struc townmart it always tells me *structure not found*...
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By VinceOrlando
#196404 Yay, now to wait on the sidemods to be updated for auctions and pixelmon selling.
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By LucieTwi
SKy2008 wrote:
LucieTwi wrote:The PokeMart problem was tackled, wasn't it? Because, when I use the command /struc townmart it always tells me *structure not found*...

Might be because it's townmart1 ;)

whoops... lol. thanks :D
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By thatartisticgirl
#196431 A lot of people, myself included, cannot download the 5.0.3 version at all. The website link doesnt work, the launcher is refusing to update and im losing my mind.