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By Some Body
#197636 Hi.

Pixelmon 5.0.4 is now available! This is another tweaking and fixing update, dealing with large and small issues from versions 5.0.3 and 5.0.2.

We've significantly relaxed the speed cap when hatching Eggs, making it possible to hatch them faster when riding a Pokémon or using other speed enhancements (swiftness potions, Running Boots, etc.). We encourage you to explore the world rather the drowning in a circular flowing pool with tears of boredom.

Speaking of drowning, you can now be more reckless when KOing Magikarp in a river to evolve your starter Pokémon, as you can no longer drown when your Pokémon is evolving. A couple of other evolution crashes and related issues have been fixed as well, with the goal of making evolution a celebration instead of a coin flip.

NPC Trainers were sometimes being wishy-washy, and quitting the battle after a single Pokémon went down. We've whipped them back into shape.

It was discovered that Legendary Pokémon didn't like water at all, even though many can fly or swim. We've taken them through some aquaphobia treatment (i.e., blast them with some Hydro Pumps), so you'll see Lugia, Kyogre, [email protected], and lake trio more often now.

The distortion in the teleportation medium has receded, and your attempts to Fly, Teleport, or use elevators should now function correctly once again.

Fossils no longer magically reproduce after being put on display. Cellular reproduction is now limited to Pokémon that do not actually reproduce like real cells anyway.

For a full list of fixes and changes that were made, please see the changelog link in the footer of this post.


As hinted by previous trailers, we have a batch of Pokémon that are almost ready to be added. However, there have been a few delays, and we aren't able to release them just yet. Because of some of the issues we've observed in Pixelmon 5.0.3, we decided that it was best to release an intermediate bug-fix update in the meantime rather than wait until Pokémon are ready to be added. We ask that you be patient for a little longer while the new Pokémon are finalized for release.

-The Pixelmon Team

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By CritsAreFair
#197644 Egg hatching changes are much appreciated. Cheers!
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By SnowBlitzz
#197657 In all honesty, I'd prefer a bug fix update over an update that adds Pokemon any time. Speaking for majority of the server owners here.

Thanks for this update :-)
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By azh2002ar
#197691 why you dont update pixelmon 5.0.5 to minecraft 1.11.2? and why i still cant redeem my trainer hat? :cry:
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By emilandersson91
#197708 Moving forward. Thank you very much.
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By Grimlock7
#197717 Very interesting, a bug update was very much needed, along with the change so that players cant drown when battling in water, i had heard alot of issues with this occuring
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By bubber567
#197748 I'm not sure how easily this could be done, but is there a way to make it so certain pixelmon, like Lugia, could be an air and sea mount? As in, being able to fly into the water from the air? I know this pretty much goes against the mechanic that is in now, I was just wondering how easily it could be done.
By BubbleMuncher
#197776 Why is my game lagging so much, I can barely play without my game constantly crashing on me and my graphics/animation settings are all off. what can i do?