Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
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By azh2002ar
#198459 OH MY GOD !! its the best trailer ever !! and very good job :-D
#empoleon_dab , this mod is the best mod ever , with a good pixelmon team.
GOOD LUCK for the next updates ;-)
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By avior97
Shad0wS10rm wrote:anyone else half hoping for primal dialga? or was it just me

might be a hidden texture file for primal dialga
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By WobbuffetWynaut
#198468 What's wrong with Tangrowth? :(
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By ObscureZero
#198493 I love the legendary models and animations, but aren't Manaphy and Phione from gen 4? So I'm a bit confused if gen 4 is finished if it means they're not coming soon D: