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By Nomtron
ironman064 wrote:Rename all the pokemon with a H at the end or a . and make some changes in sprites and you will be able to continue with the mod.

thats not how that works since the concept is still pokemon and that would tern it into copyright infringing then takeing there concept and art and changing it for ur own benifit is against the law
By APlayer1
#200376 It really has been a great ride. Thank you so much pixelmon team. I have made so meny great memeries through pixelmon. So much fun and enjoyment. It is so Impressive how amazing and well made this mod is, good job. It is a great way to enjoy the fun Pokémon idea. Tho is so sad to see it come to an end.

I know a ton of people have said this but, it shouldn't end. So much hard an and amazing work should not get punished. It's a so much Minecraft that I don't don't know how Pokémon even have the right to do that. I'm so sorry some people can be so ignorant and selfish.

I think is such a great mod that it should become a official Pokémon game, not fan made. You should ask the official Pokémon company if you could join them and work together. If that doesn't work brib them. If that also doesn't work, then slightly change the models of everything and change the names slightly to have random signs (ex:[email protected]:[email protected]!) to get it out of coppyright. I know it would completely change the gameplay, but this is such a good mod, it just can't go cant go.

I am sorry to see it go, but exited to see it come back.

Thank you for the great fun and memories.
By Imagineer23
#200380 Dear Pixelmon Team,
I've really enjoyed using your mod and I'm currently making a map called Pixelmon Rising for those who still have it. It's been a great substitute for the original Pokemon games (Considering I don't have them :-/ ) and I hope that with the end of Pixelmon that it will continue to live on in our Minecraft games and create an opportunity for us to do whatever we want without having to get the latest version, as the mod is complete. Thanks for the memories, F*ck the people who prevented the mod from going further, and keep using your imagination: where Dreams come True!

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By Whitescarver
#200382 This broke my heart. =[
This will always be my first and only mod I've ever worked on.