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By DavidGamingNoob
#197946 Hello sorry to bother anyone but I'm thinking of starting a pix pack and I just have a few questions about the example okay so the first question. so for the mods example do I copy and paste the of the mod .jar and paste in setup file and then save it afterwards?. My second question relating to the first question once I do that does the mods add automatically or when I create a new profile do I add the mods there and do I have to add the pixelmon mod with them as well? My third and final question what is the estimated length does the banner need to be? Sorry for bothering you but I really appreciate the hope I can't really make heads or tails with it again thanks for the help and I hope you have great day.
By DavidGamingNoob
#197955 *update* okay I finally finished it but it keeps poping up an error saying setup file is corrupted does anyone know what I did wrong again the help is really much appreciated
By DavidGamingNoob
#197956 *Final Update* Got it to the point where it stopped the error message that said setup file is corrupted is there anything else because when the launcher pops up it just does nothing. I'm creating a pixpack because in the F.A.Q.S it said "If you are making a modpack to distribute publicly, you are not allowed to add Pixelmon to it directly. If you do, you are in violation of Pixelmon's terms of service, and the Pixelmon team will not offer any support to you if you encounter problems with Pixelmon."so I don't really understand I see other modpacks have it? and they use pixelmon I just don't understand please help me understand.
(Again sorry to bother anyone any help is appreciated hope you have a great day.)
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By MrMasochism
#198219 The best way to understand a pixpack is to download a couple of them and open them up by using a zip program