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By Vadellia
#192475 Chapture one, the start

'Well here we go!' Kadean thought to himself. Unlike most Pokemon trainers, he is about 16 and finally going on his own Pokemon adventure. He looked over at his mothers grave. "Well mom. I hope you're having fun where your at." he said as he moved his hand on the gravestone. He heard some sort of noise and turned around. He saw a pygmy little gastly. "I'm coming Marth. Lets just start to get rolling." He started to walk away.

"Gaaas" Marth said. She started to float over Kadean's snow white hair.

"Alright I guess you can go into your pokeball." Kadean said as he returned Marth into a moonball. He loved that kind of pokeball. Sure it was just as effective as a pokeball to most pokemon, he just liked the look of them. 'So where to start?' he thought to himself as he was just walking around. 'maybe I should go see a pokemon professor, get the pokedex to say the least' he thought to himself. 'Or I could not do that and just see what happens. I could catch some ghost type pokemon here but I already have a gastly.' he was so much in thought that he bumped into a kid. "Sorry! I didn't see you" Kadean said.

"Oh you're that strange one. Got any pokemon yet?" said the boy in a rude manner.

"Yes I do." said Kadean. He grabbed Marth's moonball.

"Cool. looks like your over protective mother of yours is dead so you can finally join the rest of us. A bit late though" said the boy. He grabbed a pokeball and threw it. the pokemon that appeared was a Rattata. The normal pink kind.

"Don't you ever say anything about her!" Kadean said rather meanly. He let out his Gastly. 'Normal vs ghost/poison. My ghost attacks can't do anything to it so....' Kadean thought.

"Rattata use tackle!" the boy shouted. "This shall be easy!"

The boy's Rattata moved fast and tried to hit the ghastly but to no avail. The gastly would just not get hurt at all because the Rattata would just go through it.

"Normal attacks don't work against gastly!" Kadean said as he smiled. "Marth use thunderbolt!"

Marth looked a bit happy as she used thunderbolt. "Gastly?" {how do you like this?} she said to the Rattata.

The Rattata got hit by the thunderbolt mainly because she was trying to tackle Marth and was aiming right at the gastly.

"No way! you cheated! you're just a big bully!" the boy said as he returned his Rattata.

"I played fair and square. you just don't know your types that well." Kadean said. "Rattata will never hit a ghost type with normal type moves. Every normal type move is like that. Now if your pokemon had the scrappy ability your normal type moves would of hit my gastly."

"But that's still not fair!" the boy said.

"Listen life isn't always fair. you just have to deal with that fact." Kadean said. "here let me help you to get to the pokemon center. "

"Okay but then we go to the professor cause I swear you cheated!" the boy said. "No one starts out their pokemon adventure at your age you old fart!"

"That isn't my moms fault on how late I start. She got seriously ill and someone had to take care of her." Kadean said.

"Yeah right!" the kid said as he followed Kadean.

They made it to the pokemon center. The Kid had Joy heal his pokemon but he was polite to her.

'For once someone he's nice to' Kadean thought to himself as he just watched. Marth took no damage from the battle so Kadean thought that Marth was just fine. In truth it had been a while since he came across someone to even remotely do damage to his pokemon. He left the kid in the pokemon center and just wondered off.

Kadean wondered to the professors lab. "Hey anyone here?" he said loudly.

"What is it Kadean? Going to help me with more tests?" Elm said loudly as he was looking through a microscope.

"Actually no." Kadean said as he followed Elms voice. He liked the look of the lab. a bunch of pokeballs everywhere and just messy all around. papers all scattered as if someone was going through them and didn't put them back in their place. "Some kid challenged me for a pokemon battle, and I won." he said.

"You know how frail kids are." Elm said as he turned to face Kadean. "But I suppose there is a reason why you didn't let the kid win."

"Come on Elm. How was I supposed to let a Rattata win when it couldn't hurt Marth?" Kadean said

"Ah yeah that explains that part." Elm said. "So why are you here if you're not for helping me do some tests?"

"I kinda want to go out for a pokemon adventure." Kadean said. He really did and his deep blue eyes showed it.

"Well that makes seance. You did skip it when you were ten." Elm said as he sighed. "And you do have your own pokemon so it's not like you're taking from any new trainers as well.... Fine I guess you can start but most people are going to talk about how old you are and everything." He handed Kadean a pokedex and some pokeballs.

Kadean smiled as he took the pokedex and the pokeballs, though he probably wont use the pokeballs yet anyway. "thanks professor!"

"Chick?" {Huh a oldy?} said a cute little Chickorita. He looked over at Kadean but stayed hidden. He doesn't like new people and he barely warmed up to Elm. He was oddly colored as well and on the tiny side of things.

Kadean looked over at the Chickorita. "When I was ten years old I wanted a Chickorita. I guess I gotta find mine wild. I know they're kinda hard to find but eh I'll get one." Kadean said. "Hey isn't this one more rare than the others?"

"That's exactly--" Elm said as he got interrupted.

"Yo weird guy!" the boy from before yelled through the lab and scaring off the Chickorita. "I want a rematch and I want elm to ref it."

"No." Elm said firmly. "No battles are to take place in my lab."

"But we can take it out side." augured the boy. "My name is Swain"

'good to know' Kadean thought in his head. "The old man said no so it's a no." Kadean said. "you can't always get what you want kid, and you'll never get it with that attitude." He started to walk out of the lab. "See you around if you can make it to the pokemon league. I'll be heading off."

"Fine then we'll see who gets the biggest laugh when you fail it Kadean!" Swain shouted behind Kadean.

'Finally away from that pain.' Kadean thought to himself as he headed to cherry grove city. 'Lets see here we got the flying gym to deal with first so I gotta get myself a rock type or something. They probably have a strategy to deal with rock types but that's what I can do for now.' He started to look around the first route he came across on.

After some searching around he found a Rattata. 'Not the pokemon I am after but it'll be good experience.' he thought.

He battled the Rattata like he did with Swain.

He walked away after that fight and then he saw a Hoothoot. 'normal flying type.' he thought. He let Marth out of her moonball. "Okay Marth be careful this one might be handy to us." Kadean said as Hoothoot used foresight. 'Crap normal attacks can hit my Marth now.' He thought as he yelled. "Marth thunderbolt!"

Marth used thunderbolt.

The Hoothoot had dodged the attack buy moving out of the way. It decided to use tackle.

"Dodge it Marth!" Kadean commanded.

Marth didn't listen. She thought that dodging a normal type move was silly. She had gotten so used to them not hitting her that she gotten a little bit argent, so the Hoothoot hit her, and she was surprised. "Gas!" {what!} Marth said as she got up and shocked.

"Marth what are you doing? Use thunderbolt!" Kadean said as he could only watch.

Marth used thunderbolt again this time angry.

This time the thunderbolt hit the Hoothoot and it hit hard. The Hoothoot looked like it was in pain and tried to get up.

Kadean saw this as a chance to catch it so he threw a moonball at the Hoothoot.

The moonball shook once, twice and for the third and final time. Kadean heard a little click sound. He looked into his bag to see how many pokeballs and moonballs he had. He counted up five pokeballs and four moonballs. He then looked at the sky. It was getting around dusk. 'so that is why the Hoothoot was out. It's starting to become night. I thought it was close to midday.' he thought to himself as he sighed. "Marth we're staying here for the night." He started to make a camp then after he was done he returned Marth into her moonball then he fell asleep in camp.