Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
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By Some Body
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Hey there!

4.3.0 and 5.0.0 beta 11 have been released, with the usual plethora of fixes from us. In particular, Pixelmon blocks have been put back in structures (e.g., healers in Pokémon Centers), newly created NPCs no longer despawn, and some game-breaking issues with newer Forge versions have been resolved.

Halloween is over, but its effects (or perhaps some...other recent events) continue to haunt Pixelmon. You'll be able to coax your final evolution starter Pokémon to look a bit spookier with a Halloween-related item under the right conditions. This will be possible during the months of October and November (including future years), so you'll have some time to figure out what you need to do. If you'd rather, there's information on this site in the usual place if you know where to look.

We've also added two new config options. The first sees the (opt-in) return of wild Pokémon names over their heads, just in case the Pokédex is one button press too many. The other is a configurable maximum Pokémon level to make your dreams reality, at least if your dreams involve razing everything to the ground while riding your level 1000 Rayquaza (good luck with the Rare Candies though). Note that both of these options were highly requested by players like you; we're always looking for ways to improve Pixelmon, and player feedback is valuable in order to continue doing so.

Note: The observant among you may have noticed our Twitter feed being filled with some new Pokémon. While these Pokémon are not in Pixelmon quite yet, we are reaching the end of the Pixelmon beta period soon and will add those Pokémon in due time. There is also a certain event this upcoming week that might have some implications on what we will start doing in the near future (hint hint).

-The Pixelmon team
By Gershon
#190613 Looking at the bug tracker there seems to be a couple of pretty big game breaking bugs with this version, will there be a quick update to patch these or will we have to wait a month again?
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By GeliaLupus
#190667 Hello, if anyone has any news or specifics about the bugs that are claimed, I would appreciate it greatly if you would be willing to tell me them in detail :). I play on this server and we want everything to be perfect for when we update to beta 11. Also, do you know exactly when the quick patch would be coming out?
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By Aisumi
#190684 I've met every requirement for the Halloween texture for multiple final stage starters and none will transform. Is this a bug or is there something I'm missing?

The current month is either October or November.
There are no blocks over the Pokémon.
The current spawn time is night.
The light level at the Pokémon's position is at least 12.
Then use a jack o'lantern on the Pokemon.