Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
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By MrMasochism
#191523 Hey Everyone,

Long time no news! Thankfully that isn't because we haven't been working but rather the opposite (along with playing some sun/moon). Anyway, thought it was time to give you an update on what we are working on.

We have a new update coming very soon, this will be the end of the beta period and will have a massive amount of new content in it. Now that we are confident in our base systems it's time for us to add all the stuff we've had worked on during that period. As you'll have seen from some of the trailers and the Upcoming Features Page the list of new stuff is immense. We'll have it to you as quick as we can and the wiki will be updated at the same time thanks to Somebody's hard work.

Xander and KK have been working really hard on all the models and animations, here's part 2 of their preview:

We will definitely have this update out before christmas, how long before will depend on how long it takes but I'll do my best to let you all know of the progress!

By justgamerNL
#191543 when i watched the update when you put groudon and kyogre in it i was wandering when mega's came out (it was a youtube video from LittleLizardgaming watched it for the 2 time) And it finally came true :-D :-o :party: 8-)
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By jojo2920
#191553 I might need to setup OBS and get myself ready for recording cause I kinda wanna record some videos when this comes out :3
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By derpicidal
#191606 This update is NOT out yet, as they released in the text attached to this video above. It will be released before christmas. Nothing from the upcoming update page is released yet as it all is coming out with the new update to come. All the pokemon in the videos you see on the other pages from december are to release the pokemon they have been working hard on. Latios, latias, jirachi, deoxys, and plenty of new pokemon + models/animations for them are coming our way! Be ready to update your own mod folder with the updated version, as well as be ready to update your servers! This update is going to be amazing!