Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
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By jojo2920
mobhunter wrote:At this point there probably going to give it to us just before christmas and call it their gift to us.Which I have no problem with.

I agree, we'll probably get the update on either the 24th as an "early" gift or on the 25th as a Merry Christmas gift
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By DrumAtMeBro
#192001 You guys have nailed the hype train with these trailers :) Excellent design and execution on those. FYI, assuming everything goes to plan, once this new update comes out I'll be starting a twitch stream featuring this mod. I only hope it brings you guys more support, you've done way too much to not be recognized.

P.S. The big catalyst for me in this update is the Alakazam reskin - he's my favorite Pokemon out of all 8,000 generations and you've done him justice with the new model! Can't wait to have him on a team :)
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By derpicidal
EnderBladepaw wrote:I can't run 1.10 forge, and this update adds my favorite pokemon...

You do realize this update is for both versions of pixelmon, 1.10 and 1.8.9
So you shouldn't have anything wrong to worry about running the update, as well as that try allocating more RAM for your minecraft launcher to run forge.
By OstonKC
#192048 Hi Mr. Masochism. You said that the new Pixelmon Update will come out before Christmas. Tomorrow is Christmas and the update still hasnt come out yet. When will it come out, because im really curios and hyped for the new update. Hopefully it will come out really soon.... :(