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By Acermozz
#192652 Greetings, i would like to claim my free shiny pokemon

liked your post on pixelmon mod already
joined the discord chat
joined the server website
and i joined the server

Pokemon: Rhyhorn
Nature: relaced
Size: ginormous
Ability: solid rock
Evs Max Is= 255
Atk: max
Def: max
SpAtk: max
SpDef: max
Hp: max
Speed: max

IGN- Acermozz
By nolsentjes24
ShadowXDS1 wrote:Ip:

Intro: Welcome to Pixelmon Realmz:
The server is very new so we are still working on making the server better
with your help we can make it better faster
The server community is a fast growing one
made for player to enjoy and make new friends/rivals
The Server is friendly to all player with a small staff that respects all players
We try to stall involved with are community on the server to make all players happy.
We work hard to keep improving the server everyday and are community suggestions mader to us.

Keep Ivn - Gameshark Allowed - Shrines - Legendary Spawns -
Evs Training Grounds - Anti Grief - Custom Events - Breeding - Move Tutors/Relearners
Tournaments Discord chat and more some of this stuff is still being worked on and we are looking for more staff still

There will be Player Gyms aswell as Npc Gyms
the Npc Gyms are not easy they are a challange to beat
the gyms are still being added

There are Drop partys and tournaments
,hide abd seek, find the chest and much more

Free Perfect Shiny Pokemon:
Folow These Steps
Make A Reply Here

1 Join The Discord
2 Join The Website
3 Like This Post
4 Join The Server Ip:
5 Copy The Following Fill It Out And Make A Reply

Pokemon: Dusknoir
Nature: mild
Size: Ginormous
Ability: Random
Evs Max Is= 0-255
Atk: 90

Link For Natures:
Link For Pokemon/Setup For Evs:

(Can't Be These Pokemon)
Eevee And Evolutions
Larvitar And Evolutions
Dratini And Evolutions
Beldum And Evolutions
Bagon And Evolutions
Riolu And Evolution