Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
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By MrMasochism
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We hope you have been enjoying the last update. We put heaps of time and effort into that and it's always good to see heaps of people enjoying the fruit of that effort!

We're now looking ahead at our next few releases, planning features and all of that...

First off we'll be moving to just focusing on one version of Pixelmon. We'll probably put out one or 2 more bug fix releases for 1.8.9 as they are needed but by only working on one version it will make our job a lot simpler. We'll move to 1.11 as sponge gets full support up for it.

Gyms are back on the radar, they got pretty heavily delayed for a whole series of reasons. Mainly it became very difficult to maintain 2 versions of all the files needed as they all needed to be different across the 2 versions (including the schematic files). By only adding them to our main version we can implement them much more quickly than what I was trying.

Berries are getting closer to being done. More will be shared as we get closer to completion.

There are more gen 6 mechanics being added and heaps of pokemon coming as well. We've also got a number of other features on the list: improved pixelmon grass, more party customization, improved pc and heaps more. Hiroku was particularly at pains to point out that the next update will have autocompleting usernames for commands!

We'll get a new bug fix release out soon as we have more bug reports in. Please send in any issues you have encountered in the meantime so we can fix everything as soon as possible.

Cold snaps from Some Body, a little hail from Hiroku, and a sunny disposition from MrM

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday break!
The Pixelmon Team
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By Isi
#193131 My seal of approval is on my out of battery laptop, just imagine a seal clapping here.
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By WobbuffetWynaut
#193132 :D The next Pixelmon releases sound great! I hope they come out soon!
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By WobbuffetWynaut
Isi wrote:My seal of approval is on my out of battery laptop, just imagine a seal clapping here.

You should get a Spheal of approval.