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By SKy2008
#194066 The *.zip contains an executable file (*.exe) which should start the installation process. You may need to unpack the *.zip first though.
By hannah231134
#194073 hello again, well i tried to unpack the zip file that doesn't work. and sorry it open the file in wordpad sorry it give computer code and stuff i don't know how to find the (*.exe) in the file do you know how ?

really preciate the help ;-)
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By SKy2008
#194078 Try right click -> "Open with" and choose "Windows Explorer" (assuming you're on Windows). That should open the *.zip as if it was a regular folder and show the *.exe.
If that doesn't work you many want to get a program like 7-Zip or Winrar. Those will add the "Extract file" option to your context menu (= right click menu).
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By Leyokii
Masterkael wrote:I cant find any gyms. please help

They are not yet in except the grass type one.

If you don't find even the grass gym, you should look into the config to make sure the option for spawning gyms on generated cities is enabled with "=true"

Now, onto the point of the gyms... they look nice! Still more interested onto the berries tho xD