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By Fifik500
#194717 Hello everyone, so my son was so hyped about this Pixelmon, that i decided to buy Minecraft for him just so he is able to play Pixelmon. But i am worried I made a big mistake buying the Windows 10 edition of the game. Does pixelmon even run on this version? I cant find it anywhere. All the guides are useless for me since the game seems to be working in a completely different way. When i launch the pixelmon launcher, it asks me for Minecraft account but i have no idea what my account is. I was not setting any account, i just purchased the game trough microsoft store (the account info does not seem to be working with the pixlemon launcher). Thansk a million for any adice!!
By orbatos
#194985 To provide further explanation as a parent who run a Pixelmon server, you must buy the "regular" version of Minercraft, from here: (Official Site). The new "Windows 10 Edition" is essentially a different game, as you noted, with more in common between it and the XBOX/iOS versions than the original.

More specifically, this newer "edition" prohibits modding, and likely mods like Pixelmon will never be compatible.

If you are still willing I heartily recommend both "vanilla" (unmodified) Minecraft and using mods like Pixelmon, as they have provided my children with a ridiculous creative sandbox that allows productive gameplay and is quite educational. Better still, get multiple copies and play alongside them in game.

As a side note, at this point I consider this fan made mod to be functionally better than the commercial game, in no small part due to the sense of ownership the children have over creations in the game world.