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By unovalegendsnetwork

Unova Legends network is looking for people that want to become staff in a new network. I will be opening 5 new servers and need staff. if your interested and are kind, respectful ,Age doesn't matter but still would be nice to know
and that can be beta testers.

Availability (hours):

By GlitchRed
#194707 IGN: GlitchRed
Age: 18
Experience: Was a Helper and a Mod over on the Pokeballers Pixelmon server, and hosted my own pixelmon server back in 3.5.1.
Timezone: AEST +10 Hours
Availability (hours): About 3 hours a day, depending on lecture times (attend Uni)
Skype: xjulianhays
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By ProfTitanDev
#194732 Basic Information
Position: Developer
TimeZone: Central Time
Hours: From 2 hours a day up to 7.
IGN: ProfTitan
Age: 14
Skype: ProfTitan
Discord: ProfTitan#5454
Email: [email protected]

I’ve been programming since about 2015, on and off. I recently started getting back into it, as I am taking multiple courses at my High-School that have everything to do with Java and programming in general. I have worked on about 3 - 4 faction servers, and recently resigned on one due to work conditions and abuse from the Owners. I am currently working on smaller Modded servers, and am hoping to expand to more Developed servers.