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By Koda015
#194735 My little review: I have played a lot of pixelmon servers in my time and this one takes the cake BY FAR. i love the community, the spawn and the spawn rate of pixelmon. this server barley lags and is my go to for pixelmon from now on.

Sincerly- SGT_Phantom
By XEnderDragonessX
#194737 Here is my review: This server is amazing! I used to play on it a few years prior, and I just decided within the past few days to rejoin the community. Once I logged on, I instantly felt at home once again, the community of people on the server is very kind and I wouldn't play Pixelmon on any other server. I recently got my boyfriend on here, and he instantly fell in love as well. We are now able to play together on a really relaxing and fun server. Thank you, MirageCraft team! :-D
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By papaspoon
#194829 minecraft username: du2257
pixelmonmod website: papaspoon

This server is defiantly one of my favorite servers ever!Especially since the server members are really friendly and it is easy to gain blocks to claim your home. A few Little things that I wish for you to add is to make a portal or something to randomly teleport you anywhere , add all the biome warps (unless you guys are working on it) and to make quests for everyone to do.
By Kyronace
#194853 Hello,

I want to start this review off by saying that this server is absolutely incredible! I'm just addicted to playing this and talking with people on the server. The community here is awesome as well. I haven't played Minecraft in a very long time and these people have helped me get back on my toes with Minecraft and Pixelmon.

I go through rough times in life, much like everyone does. I typically ask others for help but my friends aren't always there for me. I decided to hop on MirageCraft and get advice from people that were online and it really helped me out. I never would have thought that a Minecraft server would help me out with my real life issues. It just goes to show how awesome this server is!

There are things that I wish were a bit more player-choiced. For example, deciding on weather in-game, voting on the time of day for the next 10 minutes. These are just some of my thoughts though. I love the layout of things, from the scoreboard located to the right of the screen to the warp "menu" in-game.

In general, this server is almost flawless when it comes to the community and the game itself. If anyone in the community reads this, don't change because this community here is incredible and I love it!

Much thanks,
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By emelio11
#194979 I have to say that this server is mind blowing i have been on this server for 2 months now and i have managed to meet great staff and players who obey the rules the spawn rate is 6 times the average spawn rate, GYMs ,safari and keep inventory . staff is easy to talk to and the players are generous with what they are giving out overall this server is worth joining

so what are you waiting for join now!!!!
By DesmondMiles
#195052 10/10. I love the server. When I first joined I didn't know what to expect. Most of the servers I join end up with hackers and scammers in handfuls. After playing for several hours I found that this wasn't the case. The server is full of honest people and a great staff. It is one of the best servers that I have joined in a long time.
By ColinSmarty
#195096 Minecraft name: ColinSmarty
Pixelmon Website name: ColinSmarty

First of all, I hope this is where I am suppose to post this. Here is my review: I think this server is cool! All the pros I can think of is 1. There are events! I like events because I just plain like competing in things 2. The community is very peaceful! The community pretty much never roasts each other and it's very nice 3. The hidden pokeloot. I think this is a very nice touch! Some cons about this server are that some info needs to be put more specific. I wanted to challenge a gym but I didn't know what level my pokemon were suppose to be so, YOLO. I lost. Another one is there is too much low leveled pokemon. I run around looking for higher leveled pokemon than at spawn but there isn't anymore higher leveled pokemon. There is way more things I can put on the list of pros, but it would probably list every little thing on this server that aren't cons. This is pretty much all of my thoughts on the server so BYE!