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By HeadbandOG
#194114 New Address <------------

Pixelmon 5.0.3 with Plugins. Pshout(pokesell), Evs, Ivs, Free Pokeheal, Safarizone, NPC/Player Gyms, Npc lvl paths, Boss towers, Ranks, Turn in rewards, Teams, Quests Not pay to win Friendly staff.

Please Support Pixelmon mod Developers by donating on website! Without them we have no Pixelmon!

Land Rush!
Welcome to Pixelmon Hunters server! We are bringing you the latest in the Pixelmon Mod experience. Our server is dedicated to give you a live 24/7 experience with minimal interruptions. Our server will include but not limited too pixelmonextras plugin (evs/ivs/pokeheal...) Also will have warping, homes, safarizone, claiming, Pshout command for selling poke. Also economy with pay command.

Pixelmon Hunters is a server that will give you a pleasurable lowbie experience as well as a fun and busy end game experience. Becoming a Hunter is the main path on our server and it includes defeating npc trainers (hunters), scaling boss towers, and finding hidden treasure scattered across the land. Hunters will have events scheduled vs. npcs and players! Hunters will become the richest players on the server! With this being said we are proud to be a non-pay to win server. Ranks for hunters will be granted after certain tasks have been performed. You can also donate for a separate type of ranking system however it is not required!

The server also caters to normal pixelmon play. We are a survival server that includes 8 NPC gyms, elite four and a championship tower. There are custom shopkeepers and a move re-learner in spawn. We are still in land rush phase meaning non of the land is claimed. This is the best time to get into a server as you have have free reign on terrain choices and boss tower locations. Yes boss towers are still ingame!
Free /pokeheal
npc training paths
npc gyms
player gyms (coming soon)
Hunter paths (npc leveling spots)
Hunter ranks
Hunter events
Hunter towers
Hunter treasure searches
Warps (Biome Warps )
Pshout (pokesell)
Grief prevention
Elite four
Championship Tower Coming soon
Towns Coming soon

So please join us on our server! My Ign is HeadbandOG
and I am the owner. I look forward to seeing you ingame!
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By HeadbandOG
#194160 First Tournament 2/5/2017 at 1030 EST! 3v3 50 cap no duplicate pokemon. No consumables. Generation 1 only!

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By Skullking210
#195158 Very well designed spawn,
helpful trainers to drop very important items in tutorial section,
very friendly and welcoming players/staff,
a very good array of joinable teams with respectable player leaders,
awesome towers that act as challenges using boss Pokemon,
a public discord and very well placed facilities for players to take full advantage of.
I admittedly haven't been on here too long, but a return trip will definitely be necessary.

-Damian Castaway