Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
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By MrMasochism
#195547 Hey there!

Short news to let you know what's been happening around pixelmon lately. I'd been hoping to have a release done by this weekend and was working hard on revamping the drops system to have it ready in time but it'll take a couple days longer than I'd hoped. We will have a release out to you all very soon and I can say that it's an extremely exciting one.
There'll be plenty of hype around this release and expect to see plenty of pictures and videos. If you want to see what we're working on check out the Upcoming Version page on the wiki.

The wiki is a great place to go if you are interested in any pixelmon related information. Want to see the stats/moves/abilities of the pokemon you just captured, want to see how to craft pokeballs or use external moves or do you want to customize every aspect of the pixelmon experience? Then go to the wiki! Some Body works very hard to keep it all up to date and relevant and he does a wonderful job!

I had a new child recently so I've had to shuffle around my sleep schedule so that I still get enough good time to work on pixelmon and it's been a difficult time but I am very excited to share the stuff we've been working on you. It'll be coming really soon!

By GuigeekSama
#195552 Hmmmm...
Smells like Mega Evolutions ! :o That'll make me catch a Charizard !
Also smells Gyms ! Nice !
This is really a cool update with many stuff added or fixed ! Thanks a lot for your hard work and congrats for the baby ! ;)

What are the ruins and the meteorite for ?
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By john44261
#195564 I am SUPER PUMPED for this new update for a long time, and I know that the staff is working VERY hard on it, and I wanted to thank each and every-one of them! BTW, congrats on the new baby!

I only have one question though: How do we get mega stones?

Love -