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By OmniPixel
#194436 Honestly, for the longest time I didn't think I'd ever find another server I would have as much fun on as I did on the old one I used to be an admin on, but this server has been so much fun. I rarely have any issues with lag unless it's on my end of things, whenever I need help I can always find it, and the events they host are always fun to partake in. So I would definitely recommend this server to others, 10/10
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By OniShadLink
#196226 Ever Since I joined this server, I couldn't seem to keep myself off it.
Helpful Staff, Great Community and an always Exciting new adventure awaiting in this Server.
Other than that, there are always new stuff added daily to this server that always make it more interesting.
By Vile
#196633 Look I don't review a lot of servers but this one is special. This is one of the best servers I have ever played on. For a beta server there is a lot to do. Also On most servers pokemon are kinda rare but nor here. I dont know about you guys but I love to actually FIND pokemon. Anyway point is this is a great server with good people on it. Trust me if you dont then rip.