Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
By Pete85
#196032 Hi all, at first thanks for a great mod ;) its very very very great mod. But i found some bugs. First - when i take rare candy to my pokemon the game freeze at message about level up of pokemon an i cant do nothing. Second - when i throw out pokemon and stay at the same place game freeze at the board what your pokemon to do an i click on every options but nothing work and esc key too. I must shut down the game and start again. this happens too when i go to fight with other pokemon. Third - the pokemon turns are slowely than in pixelmon 1.7.10 and healing too. I dont know where is the problem :( Sorry for my bad english im from sovakia :D Have a nice day ;)
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By smashbro596
#196044 fantastic update as usual. i hope soon we can mega evolve our pokemon OUTSIDE of battle.
itd be so cool to soar the skies as the mighty mega charizard x....
By KotD94
#196046 that would be awesome! mega evolution and primal reversion outside of battles would be great, like "surfing" on a Primal Kyogre or Soaring through the skies on a Mega Charizard X/Y!
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By Cycotic
#196047 Hey! The update looks fantastic! Just out of curiosity, do the builders of the gyms get anything in appreciate to their contribution? Nonetheless, everyone's amazing effort has made this mod even greater and more beautiful! Great job.