Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
By SViper
#196842 Any progress on this? Because next version description in wiki still doesn't have any new Pokémon.
By Skipkan
#196845 I really hope this will be finally a stable version, without bugs, lag spikes and these things, something that can be run on a server.. Seems many things will be added - it may be a good thing, but..
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By tridaak
#196858 It's likely they're still working stuff out and possible that this won't be updated in the next version but version after it.

As for bugs, unless they stop adding features and just fix whatever bugs there are, then you're not likely to get that. Whenever there's an update, code changes, things break, and without releasing it; they often can't tell if there's another bug they could have missed.
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By cassis321
#197112 Its great that we finally get Lopunny. :D