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By Plush69
#195287 Hey Pixelmon Server owners, The Names Plushie. My Ign Is Plushie_69 and I'm 21 years old (I feel old :P) I've had experience Working on Servers and Was a Moderator/Admin for a couple server back when the Pixelmon Mod was first released and servers were popping up every where.
I Know quite a bit about the workings of a server from the front line, with moderating and even some of the behind the scenes. I'm sure a lot has changed but I'm willing to learn and help where I can. I'm looking for any kind of work you're willing to offer me :3, I have some experience with building and A ton of experience with Moderating and helping keep the server and people on the server happy :3
So feel free to reply or Private message me If you're interested in having me work for you and your server, I promise you I'll be a hard worker and an asset to your server.