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By ChaoticWolf22
#193817 IGN: ChaoticWolf22
Age: 20
I am looking for a server that needs a builder. I have built spawns, towns, gyms, and many other projects for many different servers over that past few years. I am very familiar with world edit and understand it's limits on a server. I have been Co-Owner for a server, unfortunately the server was terminated by the owner. I can spend 8+ hours a day working on a server if needed. I am NOT looking for payment for building. It's just something I enjoy doing.
I added a few simply builds I worked on for a few hours. Currently working on a sample spawn which will be added shortly.

If you are interested or have questions the best way to reach me is through Skype, Discord, or simply reply below.
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By WolfieGaming361
#195525 Hello, I'm Wolfie! I stand on behalf of PokeVortex! We are in desperate need of builders, we had a "Screw-Around" server if you know what I mean, I am wanting to rebuild the entire map but my employer disagrees!, I wish to ask if you were able to at least fix up our towns and mountains made with Voxel Sniper.
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By urbymine
#195536 This thread is quite old, I can't believe a competent builder offering to help got burried...

Anyways, Hello! I'm urbymine and i'm currently admin on a adventure server called alpine, and we're always looking for builder talent.
Some info about us: our map's terrain was naturally generated, we are quite far into our building phase but a lot of work still has to be done. With important structures we usually set some key materials/colors and functions it has to do, and leave all the rest to our builders creativity. Besides vital structures, we like to give near complete freedom when a builder has his own suggestion/idea he/she wants to build and allow them to build it somewhere on the map if it's a good suggestion.

If you are still looking for work and are interested, you can private message me your discord name# , chatting goes much easier there.
Hope to hear something back. ^^

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By Lorelai1115
#197323 Hey, are you still looking? I'm in the process of creating a pack with Pixelmon and a few things such as Tinker's Construct, etc. If you're still looking for a place to help, please join my discord and we can get to work^^