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By Oisin
#197312 Hello, a lot of my friends have been discussing this issue and I think it could be something to be addressed. That is, the topic of Mega Evolution outside of battle.
I was thinking it could replace forage when a mega stone is held, and when G is pressed, the Pokemon would go through the mega evolution animation and turn into it's mega form, this would last for 5 minutes and then require a 1 minute cooldown. Returning the mega to it's pokeball or initiating a battle would end the Mega-Evolution, setting it on it's timer regardless of how much time was left.

I was also thinking that this could give some buffs to the pokemon, too.
For example, the two Mega-Zards. This could buff their flying speed, by 1.5x or even 2x. For Venusaur, it could buff land speed and allow it to plow through grass.
For Blastoise, it could buff swim speed by 1.5/2x.

The other megas, as they're introduced, can be given other abilities. Mega Scizor could have a mega-powerful cut that can chop down jungle trees.
The speed multiplier for those that have one could be a configured value for server owners worried that they may cause lag from generating too many chunks at once.

This is just a dumb idea, but I figured it'd look and work pretty cool and would make some sense with the pokemon series (See: Mega Latios/Latias in ORAS.)

Thanks for reading.
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By tridaak
#197328 Several people have requested mega evos outside of battle, but your idea for implementing it (how to evolve) is pretty neat.
Although, don't think the riding speed boost should be implemented, I already get a ton of messages from minecraft warning me that the player is moving too quickly: "[01:25:48] [Server thread/WARN]: Zapdos (vehicle of Ssenytrewq) moved too quickly! 3.0128270433083344,-13.176961573237406,-5.174761890740228"
Believe they're adding a riding speed multiplier to fix this, but having two separate multipliers seems too excessive. (Don't think chunk generating is/should be a concern, since servers should already generate the chunks before releasing their server)

Think being able to fight other pokemon as the mega evolution from the start would be enough, adding more abilities makes them quite powerful and a lot of servers have allowDestructiveExternalMoves set to false.
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By Oisin
#197414 Unfortunately I was thinking about that and if you were able to initiate a battle with a mega it'd break one if it's biggest nerfs- speed and move order is calculated before evolution, and so the speed stat would be higher upon battle starting and there would be no reason not to mega evolve before battle anymore.