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By EdPlayzMc
#197335 Honestly I used to not like this server since I felt like all the staff members were corrupt but Now I each day I talk to them more and more. I get to know them. The staff members aren't corrupt compared to other servers. I recommend playing on this server if you want friendly staff members!
By Derpes
#197363 This server is pretty fun, the people are really nice and always helpfull the whole town thing makes it alot better never liked playing by myself and being able to have this group of people to be able to talk to and help you out and build with all while catching pokemon and training them up is really nice the whole reason I got minecraft was to play pixelmon and this server has really made me enjoy the mod even more then I was

IGN: Derpes
By AlexHamilton
#197398 Even though I have just joined this server last night? I am in love with it, the players and staff are all really nice, I somehow caught a legendary within being on the server for 3 hours? I honestly love it, it's a great server, and I am glad that I found it! :D
By Epicq121
#197423 The truth be told of Pixelmon Harmony

Where do I begin? The server itself is far from dying (The average monthly player count is around +110 players), Harmony offers an alternative server called "Chaos" which is a more complex and challenging version of vanilla Pixelmon.

But with every server, it has its cons. The playerbase mostly consists of "younger" Pixelmon players and chat can become quite a nuisance, the staff as of 4/23/17 can be inattentive and certain helpers and minimods are "Anal" about the rules and allow little to no leniency towards players.

Overall, I was an avid player of Pixelmon Harmony because of its vanilla feel, but was driven away by the playerbase and inattentive staff. Although I gave the server a harsh review, I do not regret donating my money to help the server grow.

TL;DR, Great vanilla feel and wonderful spawn. Feels slightly pay to win, a lot of people (You can take that as good or bad).

I give the server a solid 8/10
By HotDoggyDog
#197451 The best Pixelmon-Server i have ever played. The balance is perfect, everything can be obtained ingame and it is not p2w! I am playing it for 3-4 Days now and decided to donate really early, because this server has a great potential. The team is really active and they are helping and support the players constantly. I am sure that the server can be improved in some ways, but its still the best public Pixelmon-Server i have ever played before.

Thanks to the whole Team!
By LukiPoki
#197494 This is my favorite Pixelmon server. Shiny starter start you of to an adventure to try to get the best Pokemon you can, on your way you can make friends and create a town while always being helped my the great staff. If you get a full team of 100 you not done, you just starting. Human gyms you will be facing lv 100's. Now you have to work on breeding to get high iv pokemon (lv isn't everything). I have myself have worked with many friends to build platform to try and catch Legendaries (very successful) and building houses and breeding stations just make it that much more fun.

One downside is that not everyone on the server has access to /hatch unless your a donator, however because of the great community you can always find a donator to do it for you.


- LukiPoki
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By EnderGrunt
#197497 Good, popular server with a nice sense of community and always a decent amount of players on. A nice mix of adventure and survival but in my opinion, it could be improved if there was an order to the gyms with increasing level caps and difficulty so new players can get straight into it.
IGN: EnderGrunt