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By WhoNeedsNames
#197258 I love this server so far, the only thing I would change is the blocks shop. You guys should add more materials such as various types of Wood. Being a builder myself, I spend a lot of time gathering my resources which is fine but Since you guys have the blocks shop, it would shorten my gathering time so I can spend more time doing what I enjoy, building!

IGN: WhoNeedsNames
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By Dezthebluerose
#197303 Minecraft Username: Dezthebluerose
Pixelmon Username: Dezthebluerose

Review: I'm actually have played on this server when it was still pretty new. playing on this server again bring me back some good memory. i really did miss playing this server but I stop because some i wanted to do other games then just play minecraft. I do believe this is the best pixelmon server i ever played and still hold it well. people are friendly on here as well as the staff and the owner. this is my whole experience since the day it was new and such.
By gonite
#197344 First of all wonder trade is awesome, i got a 68% ditto! I love not worrying about healing Pokemon whenever i want, and i never have to worry about eating cause i never get hungry, that's awesome guys! I can just relax and go on the hunt for pokemon and when i get a good one i can go right to the moverelearner! There are a good amount of poke bosses running around! Glad to have a map border of about 9999x9999. Overall I love this server and the people here are great, thanks everyone!
By InfinityCompact
#198960 InfinityCompact
Love how the server runs, the hub world is incredibly useful and starting off is much more fun than just grinding apricorns like normal. Vote system is also really cool but i do wish gyms randomly spawned.