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By Math448q
#197250 Minecraft Username: PizzaGamerne
Pixelmonmod website username: Math448q

MirageCraft has been a great server to me. I'm PizzaGamerne and I've not been playing pixelmon in years. I've just joined about a month ago (invited by my friends) and this server have made me love Pixelmon again. MirageCraft have not just been a server, it's been like a home to me. Since the very start I've been helped by many helpers such as ("Antumbral"). The Players have been very interactive and kind. The server has some sets of rules but they aren't hard to follow. In this server, we are able to claim and build our own home which is great as some pixelmon servers may be restricted and more of "Adventure mode".

I've bonded together with some users in the servers and its lots of fun. Though I know the server is great, there are some disadvantages too. Lag to me doesn't seem to be a problem but the spawn rates of Pokemon in my opinion has been so low. I am aware they have increased the spawn rates but it doesn't seem like so. Moreover, there is a huge difference between levels of pokemons that spawn. Most of them are really high level and we as starters tend to not being able to start of well. I love the way we have our own clubs but I want those clubs to have more importance and more events between clubs.

Putting that aside, I love the server which has been a home for me to play and bond with my friends. I just hope that the server can continue on doing well and wish it for the best.
By MrMagikarp007
#197264 This is an epic server with a great community and really maximizes the pixelmon mod to it's full extension. It's easy to play and get started and allows people to do things they wouldn't be able to do ANYWHERE else. If your not already on this server come on now because I can't even explain what your missing out on.
By xpervz
#197291 I have been playing Pixelmon on and off for years now and have been on a myriad of servers throughout this tenure. This server is my favorite out of all of them. No other servers has such a great community that are not only friendly but will bend over backwards to aid new players in their journey to become Pixemon Masters. The staff is extremely helpful and fair, the environment is family friendly but the banter is still present, and it has significantly less lag than almost all other servers of its size. It averages around 30 some odd people at all times but the pokemon spawn rates are always satisfactory. You can check IVs/EVs without having to donate absurd amounts of money and you don't need to throw money at the server in order to do well. All in all its a very fun server to play on.
By Deadshotmonkey
#197296 This server is highly recommended, everyone apart of the community are all kind and generous. Most server don't have that nice of staff but this servers staff are very friendly and will help you out with anything that you need. :-)
By creeper905
#197330 the server is amazing the gameplay is awesome the community is great and is friendly. the server is always on the newest update and has an awesome website and get this once you go on the server and then make an account you get a free random shiny. this server is sure to make you look like this :-D instead of being bored.
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By Lyrak
#197348 This server is quite enjoyable. There is a beautiful spawn and a friendly community. I like the gts and wt system, as well as the ranks. My complaints would be cooldowns. Wonder Trades are once every hour, and rtp is every half hour. especially when looking for a place to set home to or to look for something specific, it's annoying to have to wait such a long time. Other than that I've had a very positive experience on this server.
#197405 I loved how helpful and nice the staff were and i enjoy all the events and rewards that the server provides. the spawn rate of the pokemon is abundant and rich with variety. the starting items were really helpful to me and helped me get the leg up i needed.

Overall i give this server a 10/10