Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
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By GodzillaJedi
#197369 Your Welcome So Emotional And Heartbreaking Seeing This Mod Evolve From Something Small To Something Of God-Like Proportions But That Ending Tho :c :c :-D :-D
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By Calmew
#197388 Your absolutely right it's the best minecraft mod! I have never been more attached to this mod than any other mod and I am honoured to have taken the time to make skins for a mod this great!

Good work with the mod developers and keep it up because were all counting on you too keep this mod alive :-) .
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By Osliah
#197401 Congrats on 5 years! I did also like the ending, but I only just noticed in that opening screen the possible models for the new Pokémon to be added! http://prntscr.com/ezozfd - You can see them in the red square. The do look pretty cool!

Anyway, congratulations on reaching 5 years :-D
By azh2002ar
#197407 Good Job ! the video was amazing! and your right its the best mod eve r and the only mod that i played so much . but all the THANKS is for you pixelmon team! Good Luck to upgrade this mod to be more than the best . .P.S: that *heatran,cresselia,darkrai,palkia,dialga,giratina and aceus* will be added soon?