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By ZaneMahanYT
#197928 so far, its a great server! i'd love to see more of the server! and i may or may not try and apply for the staff team... as i love pixelmon, and i love helping people out as a staff member! it makes me feel happy about my self! :-)
By RyudaX
#197991 Username -AndreRyuX

Think this server is one of the best Servers i've personally been on :-D
Server is nice not to spammy and calm.
i enjoy the humour in the server and the spawn rate makes the server 10x more intersting.

Bosses are really crazy you will always fine bosses.
Legendaries are quite more common and easy to get.
Shinies are same as legendaries.

By WolfoftheMoon
#198534 I have been playing this server for some time, and am having a blast. I ran into a hiccup where i hadn't been able to hatch eggs, and when making a forum post about it I had been helped. Some people even offered to help hatch eggs in game. Staff is nice so far and the players even seem to do their own thing without being rude. The server isn't so crowded either, which is great for people who want their own space and not have to build so close to another player. Economy is great too, there is plenty to sell. None of which is overpriced nor under priced, which makes trying to buy things not so aggravating. All-in-all, I think it is a great server so far by my experience, and i recommend it to those who want a laid back, yet challenging experience :3