Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
By SViper
mariosam100 wrote:does it fix legendary spawns?

I think they already fix that 5.0.4 atleast change log that says.
By SViper
#198210 Looks like at May 15th 5:48 PM CEST Sponge for 1.11.2 reached Stable releases. So looks like Pixelmon staff now can work on Pixelmon Mod for 1.11.2 version of MC. :-) :party:
By SViper
MrMasochism wrote:We will do so after the next release

Feels like you saying after 1.12 will be released for sometime.
Good luck you people with Mod. :-)
By Dragonjesse95
#198412 :( still not my favourite Pokemon... please try to do sylveon next. I have seen gen 6 Pokemon in the wild so I know that you guys are working on it. My life's just isn't complete without the final eeveelution.