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By Bonno
#198205 I think the server is great and I haven't joined yet! I know that means this is useless but I will with my friends! The commands are what every server needs and the events with the lowered and the uppered spawn makes it where you need to get on for the best pokemon! I can already tell I am going to have a good time :D ign xXChadTisukiXx
By dragon960332
#198206 Loving the server it has good spawn rates so you're able to find pokmon quickly even if you have just entered a area. the helpers on the servers are friendly and are active they dont just sit there and not respond. if your looking for a good pixelmon server to play on this is the one.
By Maharunn
#198231 I have been playing on this server for a week now and I have to say its been a lot of fun! The person are great and helpful. Being able to create my own base out in the wild somewhere and have it claimed as mine is pretty cool! By far the best merge of my 2 favorite games out there.
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By Nova Spartan
#198263 I've been playing this server for a little while and it's pretty dang fun with how it works, with incentive to come back and spend hours on it. Most of the supplies you'd need are accessible from the shops so it's not too long of a grind to get what you need.

ign: Nova_Spartan
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By ZezzySoz
#198266 IGN: Zez_Soz :)
It'd been a long time since I played Pixelmon, and my boyfriend suggested we get back into it. He showed me this server and I haven't been able to stop playing on it. When you first join the server, you are welcomed by whoever is on, and you start off with a lot of awesome perks and items.
With your default rank you get commands like /backpack, /enderchest, /back, and /workbench.. (and then you get even more commands/perks when you donate for a rank)
The spawn rates of Pixelmon are crazy good and it announces in the chat when anyone catches a shiny or a legendary which is cool. It's easy to get to know people in the community especially because it's a pretty new server and all of the staff are extremely helpful and friendly. :) I am really happy with this server and I'm excited to see how it continues to grow.
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By FrituurKoning
#198282 Dear Trainers,

I just started on this server, the start of this server is way too nice.
You get a random shiny pokémon from the kits, 2 free masterballs and way more.
I will recommend this to every trainer on pixelmon, let get a bunch of trainers on this server to make it even better!

I hope i will see you all online!