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By Chappo
#198369 Pixelmon Harmony is easily the most exciting server on minecraft. It combines my love of minecraft and pixelmon together with lots of different things to be done. I am able to easily trade with other players and am able to enjoy lots of legendary pokemon spawning (not always near me :( ) The shops and gyms are easy to use and are accessible via easy warp commands. There is always something to do as they run lots of events and have giveaways on their forums which anyone can participate in. The community is full of a bunch of really nice people and there is always someone to help answer any questions or just help out in general. I have recommended this server to a lot of mates who enjoy it a lot.

By BigBootyHoe
#198950 I have been on plenty of servers in the past and Pixelmon Harmony is the best one I have been on it is very up to date and the world has anything that you would need. The shiny starter is a great start and all the people in the server are very helpful.

IGN: doubled40
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By SideWolfz
#198964 The best server like no other has ever been! I made some good friends on there :)

-Lieutenant Side
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By AlexxThaGr8
#199003 Hello, a few weeks ago my friend found this server and I already love it! They have a great friendly staff, good rules, fun events and shop. It made me play more of Pixelmon than I ever have before! All of the members are nice and funny and the server has 2 worlds: Harmony with peacful wild pokemon and a level cap of 100, and Chaos with smart wild pokemon AI and a level cap of 200. The vote system is awesome and for every vote you earn 1 vote point which you can spend on their website to get loot. I would definetly reccomend this to whoever is reading. 10/10
By KyoDork
#199196 Loved this server! But I logged on this morning, to find my friends and my base has been raided... Someone looted my chests, took everything valuable I had, took my PC, my Pokemon healer, enchanting table, Fossil & fossil show case, tables, chairs, you name it and they took it. Now i can't even log in to the server... I'm very upset because I just stared to learn so much. Now everything i worked for is gone...