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By SorasNobodyXIII
#199068 The server is good so far, I haven't been on long but I've managed to settle into a house and spend time catching pokemon.
The server has a leveling room where you can level up pokes faster, mostly bypassing the leveling process you have to do on every server, if you want it.
Everyone and their mother has a legendary and aren't afraid to whip it out and compare sizes, people host drop parties frequently, and you have players asking for handouts, just like any other server.
I haven't tried the gyms or anything competitive so I don't have anything to say on that. I've just made my house, caught pokes I like, gone mining for stuff to sell at the in game shopping center.
By Frizame
#199099 Frizame:
Review: So far, the server is great, it only lags a little but I'm sure that's because of my poor internet connection. I like that we start off with level 15 starters to make it easier, however, it would be better if the starters were not shiny. Finding a shiny pokémon should be hard to get, not just given to you at the start. Secondly, I love that the level cap goes past 100, because if a player has all level 100 pokémon, the game starts to get boring. With the new leveling system, there's an even higher milestone to reach which goes all the way to level 225. Last of all, I think gyms should not be controlled by NPCs, I understand that this will make the gyms always available but with player controlled gyms, it adds a sense of realism and its a lot more rewarding beating each gym. Also, adding player gym leaders will allow a lot more staff in the server. This server is great and I will be playing for a while!
By EngineerM
#199188 The staff Is friendly And coopretiave. The server is well fair and smooth And realstic. Its really great to see A Pixelmon server as great as this. What im Saying is Please keep up the good work The server is amazing And hopefully you would Evolve even further from now on. Thank you :)
By MrLamchop790
#199208 This is the best pixelmon server out there. I'm not just saying that because of the free rank they give out but its not laggy, everyone on the server is nice and helped me get started especially the amazing staff that are always active.