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By Cosmology27
#199110 What I would "like" to do, is make an adventure map, where you progress through the game, just like the Pokemon games, and as you progress, you find different pokemon, and they get stronger and stronger in levels.

I'm just wondering the different options I have for how to make different wild pokemon spawn. So far I've found these two options:

1) Tall grass can spawn pokemon at your team's levels, making the wild pokemon always at your level. This is a problem, because I'd like the levels to be determined. I don't really want you to be able to find a new pokemon at your own level, that you can immediately throw into your team. In the original games, you were always finding pokemon weaker than your strongest. The idea of finding pokemon at your strongest's level is just a bit unfair. This also kind of sucks because you won't see wild pokemon actually wandering the world, and have to go hunt them, which kind of ruins some of the point of the game for me (this is the main problem for me, or else I'd just use the tall grass).

2) Pokemon increase in level depending on how far you are from spawn. This is problematic, because you HAVE to create a game that progressively gets further from spawn. You CAN'T create a world like the original pokemon games.

Are there any other options available for determining the levels of wild pokemon?
What I would "like" to do, is have each biome have a set pokemon spawn list, AND have the levels be determined by biome as well. For example, a forest biome will only spawn weedles/caterpies/pikachus, all of which will be between lvl 2 and 10, something like that. This way, I can handcraft the whole world using a whole bunch of biome configurations.
Anything like that out there?